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“Anyone with a passion and a talent for music can be on the inside” - Im Gespräch mit Pim Betist (SellaBand)

interview-blog.de: Pim, you are the creative Director and the creator of SellaBand. Can you tell us a little bit of yourself and your company?

Pim Betist: The music industry is all about fences. SellaBand is here to break down the fences. Anyone with a passion and a talent for music can be on the inside.

interview-blog.de: How does the business modell of SellaBand work?

Pim Betist: Artists can load up a profile with their three best tracks a bio and some pictures. Music fans can listen to the music and view the profile. If the music fan believes in the artist he or she can become a “Believer” by buying parts of the artist. Each part costs $10. Once 5000 parts have been sold the full $50,000 is used to record a professional album. Once the album is done we send an exclusive copy to each believer’s home address. From this moment on the artist and the Believer are in business together. The album is for sale on SellaBand. All income generated on SellaBand (cd sales, advertising revenue) is being split evenly between the Artist, the Believer and SellaBand.

interview-blog.de: As you are an expert of the music business we have one question. Did millions of music fans download the music on the internet only because there was not any legal service for years?

Pim Betist: I somewhat agree with you. P2P networking hasn’t done the industry a lot of good, but I can’t agree with people who say P2P is the total cause for the decrease in sales. CD sales did drop with 25% over the last 5 years on a global level except for in the UK. British journalists take the time to feature new and upcoming bands. They go to live venues and write about new talent. This way there is a smaller gap between the demand and supply of music and the market keeps growing. The major record companies merely focus on main stream artists, but consumers are not looking for heavily marketed superstars anymore. They therefore use the internet to find new music. Logically, when it is easier to find new music on illegal websites the temptation to download illegally is substantial.

interview-blog.de: Which kind of feedback do you get from the bands who signed up with SellaBand? And what kind of feedback do you get from the believers.

Pim Betist: We are getting amazing feedback. We have spent 0 euro on marketing. All the believers and artists that have signed up on SellaBand have found us through word of mouth or publicity. About 9 months ago we had 3 bands when we started. Now almost 4000 bands have signed up. More than 750,000 dollars have been spent on parts by Believers world wide.

interview-blog.de: As a Company based in Bocholt you launched your service in English and the believers pay the bill in US-Dollar. How do you explain this unusual approach?

Pim Betist: We are a global company. Americans don’t really know about the Euro, but we Europeans understand the dollar. This is why we choose for dollars.

interview-blog.de: Our traditional last question is, what will happen during the next five years in the world of SellaBand?

Pim Betist: Our goal is to become a successful alternative for new artists. Each month 2 or 3 artists will reach their 50,000 budget. We will be organising SellaBand festivals. Artists and Believers will be in business together without the interference of the traditional music industry. Artists and Believer, you are the record company!

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